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So you want to know how to make a blinkie? Well all you need is a image a paint program (I prefer Paint for this), and Jasc Animation Shop.
First of all you need to find a image I chose a Pea Chia. Next you need to make your word I chose pea to go with Pea Chia. Write your word so all the letters are the same size. Put boxes around them make sure the boxes are all the same size.

Now you need to put the box over the image first choose a color that is on the image I chose the lighter green and fill in the boxes, then put it somewhere on the image make sure you can still see the image pretty good.

Now you need to make copies of your image make one copy for each letter then one extra. Now fill in the boxes one at a time on the 2nd image fill in the first box 3rd image fill in the first and second and so on till all are filled.

Now make a box a little bigger then your image. Put your image inside, then make sure all the others have the same box in the same place.

Copy inside the black line so it’s just 1 line inside. And paste into Jasc. Do the same as the rest just go to Edit—Paste—After Current Image.

Now go to Animation—Replace Color make the old color white. Make the new color Transparent Opacity. Your Animation should now look like this.

Now Go View—Animation if you think this is too fast or slow go back to View—Animation you should now be on the main page. Now to make it slower go to Animation—Frame Propeties. Change the 10 to a higher number to make you blininkie go slower.
You have made your blinkie! You can also make avatars with this.

If you get good enough you can make it look like a mini-movie, my example below isn’t the greatest but it’s close.

If you do not understand something in this guide then please neomail alphabet345.
Guide written by Dillon.

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