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Faerie Abilities
By blessing your NeoPet with a captured faerie you get a special ability in return. Here is what you can get.

NeoPets Air Faerie Abilities
Air Sheild: Defends against air attacks.
Haste: Air & Phyiscal attack that also defends physical attacks.
Thunder Tail
Dive: Earth, Light, and Physical attack.
Diamond Dust: Light attack.

NeoPets Dark Faerie Abilities
Night Vision: Defends dark attacks.
Temporal Leak
Demon Breathe
Shadow Health: Heals 1-8 HP.
Drain Life: Heals you and takes away 11% of opponents HP.
Sink: Defends 97.5% of ALL attacks.

NeoPets Earth Faerie Abilities
Magic Pebbles: Defends water attacks.
Tough Skin: Defends water attacks.
Magic Berries: Creates two healing berries.
Burrow: Defends 97.5% of ALL attacks.
Negg: Creates two healing neggs.
Twisting Vines: Dark and physical attack.
Great Feast Creates healing apples.
Regeneration: Heals 1/3 of all lost HP.
Stone Legion

NeoPets Fire Faerie Abilities
Smoke Screen
Fiery Gave: Light attack.
War Cry
Lava Spit: Air and light attack.
Song of the Volcano: Dark and Earth Attack.
Boil: Defends water attacks.
Metero Shower: Fire and phyiscal attack.

NeoPets Light Faerie Abilities
Magic Torch: Fire attack and denfence.
Bless: Heals 15-30 HP.
Sun Ray: Water attack.
Psychic Blast
Mote Dance: Defends Dark Attacks
Restor: Restors 1/3 of lost HP.

Water Faerie Abilities
Heal: Restores 1-57 HP.
Bubble Shield
Water Jet: Physical attack.
Quench: Blocks fire attacks.
Steam Shield: Blocks light attacks.
Water Breathing: Blocks water attacks.
Water of Life: Heals 24% of lost HP.
Healing Vapor: Heals 1/3 of lost HP.
Water Guardian: Physical Attack.

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